pellet fishing

Pellet fishing in the last couple of years has become very popular in the surrounding area of Mequinensa and Caspe, and until now no Guiding Service on the lower Ebro has pursued this method for Cat Fishing.

In the summer of 2007 Top Cat Fishing Guide ( Rob Marsh ) started experimenting with pellet fishing methods and found that all though live bait fishing was the most productive method in earlySpring and Autumn, pellet fishing in the heat of Summer was just as productive and could produce large numbers of fish including large specimens in excess of 100lbs.



top cat fishing with pellets

Top Cat Fishing can now give you the experience of pellet fishing from the bank on your own private swims or the opportunity of fishing pellet methods from our mobile swim, which can be driven to various hot spots on the river where bank fishing would not be possible due to lack of access.